Curtis' Botanical Magazine 1790-1835, image digitised for the State Library Of NSW, 2017.


We offer a specialised digitisation service to the cultural institution and museum sector as well as custodians of private collections.

Digitisation can mean different things to different people. In our work, it refers to the direct scanning or photographing of material such as film, prints, books, artworks, or the like, to produce a digital file. The file is as true to the original item as possible.

Coming from a background in photography, for well over a decade DSA director Nick Kreisler has been converting original materials to digital, including the First Fleet Journals for the State Library of NSW, Picasso paintings for Menzies Art Brands and the 'City of Shadows' police mug shot collection of glass plate negatives for Sydney Living Museums. Kreisler was trained in digitisation while a Senior Photographer at the State Library of New South Wales.